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Are you ready to conquer another year? Because 2013 will be ending in a few weeks and we all know it’s this time of the year when people go crazy about getting a new planner whether from bookstores, restaurants, or coffee shops.

If you are a big fan of planners, this can be your lucky day! I’ll be giving away FILED! 2014 Doodle Planners, other FILED! items, and Global Pinoy Bazaar VIP Passes

Read on to know more about giveaway mechanics and get a chance to be one of the lucky winners!

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Sorry if I don’t post anything anymore. It’s just I’m too busy with school  and i’m getting a hard time managing my schedule. :( Boo. But I promise I’ll post soon, I have lots of entries to do and I hope you’ll wait for it. I’ll be hibernating for a while. See you soon.


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